December, 2014


World’s First for Fashion From Untouched World

Leading New Zealand lifestyle fashion brand Untouched World launches KAPUA™, an exclusive new knitwear development that sets the benchmark for supreme luxury and comfort.

Kapua, being the Maori word for cloud, truly expresses the sensation of this new knitwear. It is another example of innovation from Snowy Peak Ltd, parent company of Untouched World™.

By blending three of nature’s finest fibres; luxurious cashmere (40%), the new dehaired delicate winter downy undercoat of the possum (40%), and silk (20%), they have created an ultra-luxurious yarn. MORE >>>

Popup possum fur store

She’s the dairy farmer’s daughter from Monaghan who has become a fashion go-getter in New Zealand with luxury-feel products made from possum fur.

Elizabeth McGuinness is this week bringing her ‘Kiwi Country Wear’ to the next level by opening a pop-up shop on Dublin’s South Anne Street.

In New Zealand, where Elizabeth lived for 14 years, possum is regarded as a pest and is environmentally culled to protect native wildlife.

Its soft fur is recycled to produce cosy and warm outerwear. Farmers and outdoor-types wear it in jackets and fur linings in their work boots, while fashion models and busy mums avail of its cool-in-the-summer, warm-in-the-cold qualities. MORE >>>