The harvesting of possum fur can be a profitable way to earn a living, or gain additional income.

Basically Bush provides some of the most up-to-date information about possum hunting in New Zealand. Its website also has trapping equipment for sale and links for selling possum fur and pelts.

The Department of Conservation, in conjunction with the New Zealand Fur Council encourages fur harvesting by providing access to conservation land to hunters.

Links that may be useful to hunters include:

Welfare performance of animal traps

NZFC report on possum skins sent to auction houses for auction evaluation 2019 (pdf)

NAFA feedback on Possum skins to auction 2019

Kopenhagen feedback on possum skins to auction 2019

Possum Trapping Best Practice Guidelines (pdf)

Possum leg-hold trap modifications (pdf)

Minimum Fur Standards (pdf)

Department Of Conservation

Hunting permits

Where can I hunt on DOC land?

Pesticide summaries: find out where pesticides have been used recently.

How do I find the current price of possum fur?