December, 2015


We are fur – Member of the Month: New Zealand Fur Council

International Fur Federation features the New Zealand Fur Council on its we are fur website December 2015

Located in New Zealand. Members include trappers, fur collectors, yarn spinners and knitters from throughout the New Zealand textile industry supply chain.

The New Zealand Fur Council was established to act as one voice for the wider possum-fur/skin industry. Its prime purpose is to promote industry growth through continued access to raw materials, which are a by product of ongoing conservation programs to protect New Zealand fauna, flora and native wild life species such as the iconic New Zealand Kiwi.

Over the last year the NZ Fur council has been working closely with NEW ZEALAND’S DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION. The outcome of this collaboration was a signed Memorandum of understanding to enhance conservation outcomes through increased trapping of possums for natural heritage protection. The outcome for the industry is increased volumes of raw material to meet increasing demand for Possum apparel and accessories. MORE>>>