About us

The New Zealand Fur Council

The NZFC is an incorporated society constituted in May 2007.

It was established to advocate for the wider possum-fur industry, and to represent the interests of its members in what is a comparatively new and unrecognized market that has the ability to positively contribute to the national economy and environment.

Some of the purposes of the NZFC are:

  • Promote understanding and communication amongst members of the wider community.
  • Increase public awareness of the unique attributes of the possum fibre.
  • Increase national and international demand for New Zealand made possum products.
  • Establish and foster a strict quality control mechanism and ethical standards throughout the entire possum fur industry, using international standards where appropriate.
  • Promote research to substantiate the many benefits to New Zealand of commercial exploitation of possum.

Members include: harvesters, fibre collection agencies, yarn spinners and knitters. This group represents 90% of the New Zealand industry.