IFTF Weekly Roundup

International Fur Federation News

Here is our weekly roundup of any global news discussing fur around the globe – to make you aware of both positive and negative news being spread about our industry by the media/activists/fashion around the globe.

Fur Supporters Plan to Keep Fighting New York City’s Proposed Ban on Fur Sales

“Fur industry advocates plan to continue to turn up the heat on the New York City Council, in response to its proposal for a bill that would ban the sale of fur apparel.”

“Nancy Daigneault, vice president of the Americas for the International Fur Federation, said Friday that a number of furriers and other fur advocates have met with their respective council members and have contacted their offices. “In the last week, furriers have been picking up the phone and calling themselves and meeting with City Council members in their district, or sometimes staff if the members aren’t available,” she said. “We’re hopeful that the city will listen that it’s an ill-conceived ban. It will shut down thriving businesses, small businesses, multigenerational ones.””

“Daigneault estimated that 12 to 15 meetings have been held with council members and/or their staff. Going forward, the plan is “to continue to drive home our message about sustainability, the longevity of fur, about fake fur being plastic-based, and obviously about the jobs that will be affected in the city, which is significant,” she said, adding that fur supporters will continue to keep knocking on doors, making phone calls and setting up meetings.”

To continue reading, click the link: https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fur-supporters-plan-to-keep-fighting-new-york-citys-proposed-ban-on-fur-sales-1203100154/


Vogue Italia’s online coverage of REMIX 2019: https://www.vogue.it/vogue-talents/article/remix-2019-contest-finalisti-sedicesima-edizione-fashion-week

Interview with Anna Wintour, touching on what she thinks of natural fur: https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/anna-wintour-interview/index.html

Hong Kong Fur Design Competition 2019: https://www.businessinsider.my/amazing-nature-hong-kong-fur-design-competition-2019-the-beauty-of-nature-by-fur-fashion/

City Council war on fur is a war on small biz: https://nypost.com/2019/04/04/city-council-war-on-fur-is-a-war-on-small-biz/

Pro-fur fashionistas argue faux fur is ‘worse for the environment’: https://nypost.com/2019/04/06/pro-fur-fashionistas-argue-faux-fur-is-worse-for-the-environment/

Job loss at the heart of it all: New York City Fur Ban #JobsMatter: https://www.furinsider.com/job-loss-at-the-heart-of-it-all-new-york-city-fur-ban-jobsmatter/

More anti-fur protests planned for Brixton store: https://www.brixtonblog.com/2019/04/more-anti-fur-protests-planned-for-brixton-store/?cn-reloaded=1

Last fur farm in Germany shuts down: https://www.unilad.co.uk/animals/last-fur-farm-in-germany-shuts-down/

Another Voice: Animal welfare, fashion choice should rule fur debate: https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/05/another-voice-animal-welfare-fashion-choice-should-rule-fur-debate/

Opening of fur trade exhibit at museum rescheduled for April 20: https://www.dl-online.com/community/history/4595744-opening-fur-trade-exhibit-museum-rescheduled-april-20

The fur industry slams Corey Johnson with thousands of mailers over proposed ban: https://nypost.com/2019/04/07/the-fur-industry-slams-corey-johnson-with-thousands-of-mailers-over-proposed-ban/

The rising environmental consciousness within the fashion industry: https://www.wearefur.com/the-rising-environmental-consciousness-within-the-fashion-industry/

Ekaterina Akkhuzina – A fur & fashion trailblazer: https://www.wearefur.com/ekaterina-akkhuzina-a-fur-fashion-trailblazer/


Chrissy Teigen wears Fendi fur slides: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/budget-babe-226954/chrissy-teigens-duster-jacket-fur-slides-6870265715

Jennifer Lopez wears grey tracksuit and green fur coat: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6893275/Jennifer-Lopez-nails-duty-style-arrives-Hustlers-movie-set-New-York.html

Cardi B makes grand arrival at Beautycon NYC in a full length fur ensemble: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6897355/Cardi-B-makes-grand-arrival-Beautycon-NYC-length-fur-ensemble-floppy-hat.html

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